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Fishing for Goldfish Snack

Fun Goldfish Snack - Ideas for Moms

Fishing for Goldfish

I’m not sure where I first saw this one, but my kids have loved it for years.
You put pretzels (the straight kind), goldfish crackers, and a bit of peanut butter on a plate.

The kids eat the snack by “fishing.” They dip the end of a pretzel in the peanut butter and then catch a goldfish by sticking the peanut butter end to it.  It makes for a quick, fun, and fairly healthy snack that they will love.

• Those with peanut allergies can substitute cream cheese to get the fish to stick to the “pole.”
• Warning- never give a young child a gob of peanut butter as it is a choking hazard.

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About the Author

Kelly loves reading, being creative, the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. She has an online clip art and digital designs store called Electric Paper Designs

Comments (6)

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  1. AlyGatr says:

    Fun idea! My kids love all three of those things…so I need to try it sometime.

  2. Kati says:

    What a fun idea! Definitely a must try! :)


  3. Tas says:

    Fantastic idea!

  4. zafiro80 says:

    This is too cute. My hubby and daughter will so love this game. Just subscribed today. love the site.

  5. Deanna says:

    Very cute idea! Might have to give it a try. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    i love this idea and think that it is awesome. and i am using it for a project at school