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Reduce Review and 5pc Mixing Bowl Giveaway( Ends 3/31) CLOSED

A couple of months ago, I shared how much I love my Reduce Waterweek reusable water bottles (See that review here). I still use them daily; they are holding up nicely; and I am drinking much more water than I used to. Yay!

Reduce is a company that I just love. I am trying to find all the little ways I can to be more “green” and reduce is all about that. They have a line of eco-friendly home products that currently includes their reusable water bottles (BRA-free plastic and stainless steel), “smash” cans, and melaboo tableware.
I recently got the opportunity to try a few of Reduce’s Melaboo products and I love them! Melaboo is a great material. It is a composite material made with bamboo fibers. What? Bamboo??? The stuff that pandas eat?  Yeah, thats what I thought too. But it is absolutely wonderful. It is very strong and lightweight, and it holds up well. However, according Reduce, it will decompose under landfill conditions within 18 months. Sturdy and ultimately biodegradable. I love it!
I did a little research on bamboo and have discovered that it an amazing material to use. It is strong, lightweight, and grows quickly. It’s the fastest growing plant on land. (Fun Fact: For anyone who’s curious about why I added “on land” to that, Pacific Kelp grows more quickly.) Some types of bamboo can grow as quickly as a foot a day or more and with it’s quick growth, it uses up a lot of CO2 and gives off a lot of oxygen. Good for the environment . . .

And great for my kitchen! The Melaboo products that I have are the Mixing Bowl Set which has .25qt, .5qt, 1.25qt, 2qt, and 3.25qt bowls. They are officially called mixing bowls, but they are also great for serving food, and great for snacks. And they are so pretty. I also have the Melaboo Measuring Spoon Set which includes 1tbsp, 1tsp, 1/2tsp, and 1/4tsp, and the Melaboo Measuring Cup Set which has a 1cp, 1/2cp, 1/3cp, and 1/4cp. They are easy to clean and durable. They are holding up very well, and did I mention how pretty they are? :-)
So, thanks to reduce, I am now further on my way toward an eco-friendly kitchen.
I am still on my “going green” journey so if anyone has any tips or advice or knows of any great green products, please sent me an e-mail. Thanks.

1 winner will receive a  5pc  mixing bowl set (a $34.99 value)
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Ends on 3/31 and is open to US and Canada

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Kelly loves reading, being creative, the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. She has an online clip art and digital designs store called Electric Paper Designs

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