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Handmade Party Favor Bags or Lunch Bags

I have a super fun birthday party coming up for my 2 girls and by the time all has been said and done I still needed some party favor bags for our little guests. Looked everywhere with no luck in the colors and theme i wanted.

What is the theme you ask- Well the theme is there is no theme! I just know that the colors of the cake and decor is set to black and pink. I finally decided to make my own! I spent 5 bucks including all the paint needed and the bags.
I started with recycled brown bags-40/1.00:) and then used a black sharpie to create different things, Lady Bugs, Butterflies, Hearts, Swirls and a few boy designs. I love black so i start with solid black and used paint with a fine brush to add color and detail to the bold black designs. I then stuffed with goodies and rolled the top under and used hole punch about 1.5 inch apart to create the ribbon holes. I again used black ribbon scraps to close with a bow.
What i really love about this is that no 2 are the same, You can even use these to pack your kids lunch. Your only limit is your imagination! I love the way these turned out and will forever custom make my goodie bags:)

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About the Author

Jennette is mom to three adorable kids, and has been married for 7 years to the love of her life. Her husband and kids are her world and the inspiration for most things in her life. Her hobbies are sewing, blogging, cooking, crafting.

Comments (6)

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  1. Chocolate Covered Daydreams says:

    Those are so adorable. You did a great job!

  2. Taryn L. McCracken says:

    Very cute!

    I had the same issue with my son's birthday party. Here is the blog post about it. It might come in handy for you as well.


  3. Java says:

    Following you back!!!

    Love you blog..can't wait to read more!!

    Take care.

  4. Rebecca@This Present Life says:

    What a GREAT idea! Perfect for customizing ANY party.

  5. MaggieK says:

    They are adorable…great idea


    Love those party bags! Great Idea!