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{Oransi-Robby Wash Ball}+Giveaway

The only thing i like about laundry is getting it done! It is just another major on going project it seems. With so many in the house we use a outrageous amount of laundry soap and things to make all that laundry smell fresh. I heard about the Robby Wash Ball and decided it was time shake things up a bit in the laundry room. The Robby Wash Ball is unlike anything i have ever seen or used.

At first it was a little hard to let go of my laundry soap as it does become a habit. But i was completely delighted at how fresh and clean the clothes came out, with NO traditional soap. Because when using it there is no need for detergent. Each Robby Wash pack will clean for an average of 12 months. The savings alone would make me more happier to get a load going! I think it is a great product and had a great time learning about  how it uses patented worldwide technology to clean your clothes. They are really afforadable at only 32.94 and can be found at Oransi

The practical laundry washing ball

easy to use:

   1. Toss it in your washing machine and leave it there (works with both front and top load washing machines)
   2. None of the hassles that you have with traditional laundry detergent such as lugging it through the store, cleaning up spilled detergent, etc.
   3. Easy on your wallet

effective – The Robby Wash ball uses a unique and patented worldwide technology to clean your laundry even better than the powder laundry detergents it was independently tested against.  Its activated macromolecules are gradually released through the wash, dissolving dried-in stains by generating ions which activate the water molecules.  This increase in the pH enables the activated molecules to penetrate deep into the fabrics and attach themselves to the stains. As the motion of the drum agitates the clothes, the stains come away easily from the fabric and dissolve in the water.  Of all the systems on the market, Robby Wash’s effectiveness is tested, proven and guaranteed.

green (see our environment section for more)

    * Ultra high efficiency laundry solution – no need to add any laundry detergent
    * Hypoallergenic and great choice as a baby laundry detergent cleaner
    * Does not pollute the environment like standard laundry detergents
    * Easy to refill so you do not need to throw away the ball
    * RoHS lead free directive certified
    * No phosphates or chlorine
    * Safe to use with bleach however we recommend using our included stain stick for stain removal or a salt cleaner as this will not damage the fibers in your laundry like bleach can.

Note:  Oransi does not manufacture the Robby Wash laundry products, but after testing the Robby Wash cleaning balls against other washing balls as well as traditional laundry detergent, high efficiency laundry detergents and odor removers like Oxi-Clean we have become huge fans and thrilled to be able to exclusively distribute this hypoallergenic laundry type detergent in the US.  Our tests were not conducted in a test lab but rather in personal experience in cleaning the clothes of active teenagers.  Check out the why Robby Wash laundry page to learn more.
Top 11 robby wash ball benefits that delight:

1. Save money – it’s hard enough to carry all those boxes of laundry detergents much less pay a premium for them – that’s why we make it affordable for you.  Standard laundry detergents can cost you up to $1 per load whereas the highly efficient robby laundry ball is less than $0.25 per load.

simple to use mother child laundry
2. Simple.  Just throw it in the washing machine.
   Anyone can now do the laundry! Works in both front and top load washing machines.

robby wash ball hot cold laundry

3. Targeted cleaning. 
Use the fuschia ball for low temperature loads (32-90ºF) and the blue washing ball for high temperatures (32-180ºF). Maintains softness in your laundry while removing odors and stains.

4. Hypoallergenic.  Since you are not using cups of laundry detergent your laundry is cleaned in a manner that is much easier on your skin while at the same time giving you the performance you expect in a highly efficient laundry cleaner.

5. Baby safe laundry solution.  Formulated to being gentle on your child’s clothes but strong enough to remove the stains.

6. Free stain stick included with each washing ball purchase.

7. Fresh scent. Your clothes will have a very light fresh scent for a feeling of freshness.

8. High efficiency laundry.  Each Robby Wash ball pack will clean on average for 12 months.  This includes three refill packets of macromolecules.  If you have an over-sized washing machine, we recommend using two washing balls.

9. Helps the environment.  Just look at what you are not dumping down the pipes (10 ounce ball = 75+ pounds of laundry detergent)!
robby wash versus laundry detergent comparison

10. Economical refills.  Simply open the tab on the ball to refill with the macro molecule pellets when they are less than 75% full.  This keeps you from having to throw away the ball.  Each ball should last for 2-3 years.

11. Safety.  Designed in France to meet the strict compliance requirements of the Europe and contains no phosphates or chlorine.  The Robby Wash ball has received safety certifications from REACH, RoHS.  Each ball is made of durable ABS materials.


One winner will get a Robby Wash Ball!
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Jennette is mom to three adorable kids, and has been married for 7 years to the love of her life. Her husband and kids are her world and the inspiration for most things in her life. Her hobbies are sewing, blogging, cooking, crafting.

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