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{Klutz Books} +Giveaway

I absolutely LOVE Klutz books! Every year for Christmas, I make sure that my kids get a couple of books, and I always make sure to include at least one book by Klutz.   They have lots of great activity books that come with the supplies needed for the activity. They have a wide range of books in lots of different categories which include “how to,“ arts and crafts, building, drawing, science, games, puzzles, jewelry, and tons more. You can also get extra supplies from their site.

Over the years it has always been easy to find the perfect book from Klutz that the kids will love no matter how their interests change. Klutz has so many different great books in each of their categories. The most difficult thing is trying to limit how many I get because there are so many that look like a lot of fun for the kids (and for me too).

Here are a just a few of Klutz’s books:

Doodlewire – This book includes reusable lengths of soft, plastic-wrapped steel wire that you bend around and “doodle” with. There are samples shapes in the book or you can bend freestyle.

Charm Chains – The one has instructions with lots of sample images. You can learn to make charms out of wire, sparkly beads, and pretty plastic cutouts. Learn to make a butterfly, a raindrop, a flower, a peace symbol and more.

The Truth about My Name – This book has little things that tell you about your name. It also has the supplies to make five charms that you can personalize with your name or initials.

Kids Cooking – A very slightly messy manual (I love the name)- A great collection of recipes for kids printed on “wipe-clean, glossy pages” and comes with a set of measuring spoons.

Make Your Own Music Video – With this one you can create music video starring you. It teaches how to develop storyboards, camera angles to use, includes a green screen, and shows you how to use video-editing software that you can download for free.

The Hand Book (my son’s current favorite) – This one has a life-size skeleton hand that you assemble and has lots of cool things to learn about hands.

I could go on and on listing all their great activity books, but it’s probably best if you go to their website at http://www.klutz.com/ and see for yourself.

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One winner will get their choice of ONE of the books listed above!
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