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{My Lip Stuff} + Giveaway open WORLDWIDE

My Lip Stuff has hundreds of flavors of natural lip balm. They are a fun company with an awesome product. Their website says: “My Lip Stuff’s ultimate mission is to end the suffering of people with chapped lips all across the land. In the process, we strive to end animal testing and save the environment with chemical-free natural products!”

The creator and owner of my lip stuff is Brea. She began making lip balm as a hobby. Once she found the perfect blend of butters, oils, and beeswax, her friends and family loved it so much that it eventually became a business. She is also makes lotions, sprays, creams, bath salts and lip gloss.  My Lip Stuff lip balms are skin, earth, and animal friendly, and they hand make all their products in very small batches to ensure freshness.

We got to sample a few of the flavors including raspberry lemonade, pumpkin cookies, and peach cobbler. They were all awesome. With the ones we tried, the “flavors” truly smell just as the name suggests. The consistency is great, they moisturize well, and they make your lips very soft. They are not tinted at all, but they do have a slight shine to them. They aren’t greasy or too thick feeling on your lips. And you have got to stop by their site and check out all of the different flavors that they offer.

They even have some fun collections: mood lip balms (with names like “stressed” “jealous” “flirty”. . .), days of the week lip balms, booze lip balms (scents like “rum & coke”, “appletini”, “mojito”…)  fortune cookie lip balms (where each one has a fortune), horoscope lip balms, themed party lip balms and more.  They even have “Magic 8 balms” which includes eight different lip balms with special labels in a black satin pouch. You ask the “Magic 8 Balm” a question, reach into the pouch, and pull out a lip balm with the answer to your question printed on the label.   Lots of fun!

Another great thing about My Lip Stuff is that offer custom and personalized labels. These are great for favors, gifts, business promotion and more.  

Overall, a great product from a fun company!

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One winner will get 6 random My Lip Stuff lip balms!

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This giveaway is open to(Worldwide) and ends(11/30)

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We received a three complimentary lip balms for the purpose of this review. Smart and Trendy Moms finds products, ideas, projects, recipes, and other information that we have personally found helpful or interesting.  As always, it is up to you to determine what is appropriate for you, your children, and your situation.  See our Disclosure

About the Author

Kelly loves reading, being creative, the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. She has an online clip art and digital designs store called Electric Paper Designs

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  1. Eve says:

    I like the vanilla sugar flavor
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  8. Melody says:

    The Good Times (Caramelized Pear) flavor sounds great to me!

  9. Eileen says:



    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  10. Jennifer says:

    Pina Colada – so when I'm in a boring meeting I can Escape!

  11. Abby says:

    I like, Chocolate Raspberry! This is so hard! How can I only pick one?

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    *Follow STM via GFC

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    i'd like coconut cake
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