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Sibu Beauty – Daytime Facial Cream

Sibu Beauty makes a whole line of products using the sea buckthorn berry.   My first thought was “why the sea buckthorn berry?”  Well, according to Sibu,  the sea bukthorn berry lives in the harsh conditions of the high altitudes of the Himalayas in Tibet and “fortifies itself with lots protective nutrients including “omegas 3, 6,7, 9 carotenoids, falconoid, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.“  Omega 7 occurs naturally in healthy skin and helps with the production of collagen which helps with skin your body has less of as you age.  It is found only in  two different plants – macadamia nuts and the sea buckthorn berry.

Sibu Beauty offers a line of sea buckthorn products including suppliments,  face cream, body cream, eye cream, cleanse & detox facial bar, a facial cleanser,  a hydrating serum,  an oil, and a night cream.

I got the chance to try the  Repair and Protect Daytime Facial Cream.  I have fairly sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to a lot of lotions, but I have no trouble with  this one.  It is not at all greasy and seems to absorb into my skin quickly.  It moisturizes well and makes my skin feel soft.   The scent is unique and hard to describe.  It’s a fresh citrus smell, but with an undertone of something else that is difficult to find something to compare it too (I’m guessing it’s the sea buckthorn scent?)- and it’s not “perfumey” at all like some creams.

So far, I’m very pleased with the Repair and Protect Daytime Facial Cream and am looking forward to trying more from Sibu Beauty’s line of sea buckthorn products.

You can find more information on their website or connect with them on facebook and twitter.

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