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Conair Xtreme Heat Hot Rollers Giveaway

As a busy mom, I don’t have much time to curl my hair. Lucky for me, with the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers, you don’t need much time. The rollers are heated and ready to use in 75 seconds.  Not kidding – just 75 seconds.

I was very pleased with how quickly the rollers heated and with how well the they work. The set includes 20 ceramic multi-sized rollers: 8 jumbo rollers, 6 large rollers, and 6 medium rollers and 20 lightweight heated clips. My favorite size is the jumbo roller to get a nice wave.

The base unit has space to put on three clips at a time to heat them up to make the curling even more effective. I’ve never been great at rolling my hair, but I found the clips very easy to use. The rollers have a nice flocked coating on them and the end rings stay cool to protect your fingers. They have tourmaline ceramic center to allow for better heat transfer and help your curls last longer. One roller has a color-changing “ready dot” to let you know when they are ready to use.

The rollers are great when you want a different look, but don’t have much time.
You can find out more about the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers on their website or connect with them on facebook or twitter.

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