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BellyWashers, TummyTickler & TummyTickler Tots Giveaway

All three of my kids love to drink juice. I often try and find the ones that are all natural with no sugar added. When shopping my kids always notice the Belly Washers brand juice because they have some of my kids favorite characters on them. I am generally reluctant to buy them something just because of the character, however they love the juice and I love that it is 100% All-Natural juice.

In our sample pack was Belly Washers, TummyTickler & TummyTickler Tots. All with great characters on them. My kids loved these so much! Belly Washers Fruit Punch are for ages 5-10, Tummy Ticklers Apple Juice is for ages 3-5  and the TummyTickler Tots is for ages 1-3 and has 40% reduced sugar juice pre-diluted with purified water, Apple Juice. All of them have no sugar added and a favorite 3-D character acts as spill proof spouts. They are BPA-Free. Come in age-appropriate serving sizes. Another great thing is that the bottles are reusable and dishwasher safe.

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Jennette is mom to three adorable kids, and has been married for 7 years to the love of her life. Her husband and kids are her world and the inspiration for most things in her life. Her hobbies are sewing, blogging, cooking, crafting.

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