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Picasso Hair Feathers


Picasso hair feathers logoJust in case you haven’t already seen it, the new trend with hair accessories is hair feathers. My daughter came home from school a few weeks ago and said that “everybody is wearing them.” We recently got a chance to try some animal-friendly hair feathers from Picasso Hair Feathers and they are awesome.

Picasso hair feathers are totally adorable and are easy to apply.  I absolutely love their plastic loop that helps you apply them.  It makes it so easy to get them onto your hair.  Prior to these, we tried a brand from a local beauty supply store and they aren’t nearly as easy to apply.   I am also very pleased with the ring that you attach them with.  When applying them to my daughters hair, we had to reposition one three times (Hey, it’s got to be perfectly positioned right?) and it was very easy to remove and re-apply (make sure you keep the little plastic loop to help re-apply them if you decide to move them).  You can see more about how to apply them on the Piccasso website here.

It’s really neat that once you apply them, you can just wash and style like normal.  They are also heat resistant so you can use the straightening iron or curling iron too just like on your real hair.

Picasso Hair Feathers Image showing Colors The company has tons of great color combinations that you can see on their website.  We got the “breaking dawn” pack, and I was very pleased to see that the colors of the feathers are just as rich and beautiful as they are in the photo on the website.

These would make a great stocking stuffer or an awesome way to update your look.  I love that you can get a fresh and trendy look that you can put in and forget about, but still change up whenever you like.

Stop by the Picasso Hair Feather’s website yourself and have a look around or you can connect with them on facebook and twitter.

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Kelly loves reading, being creative, the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. She has an online clip art and digital designs store called Electric Paper Designs

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