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Crinkle Friends from Aurora

Smart and Trendy Moms has always enjoyed working with Aurora and their newest toy is no exception. Crinkle Friends are brightly colored friends that crinkle making them really fun for toddlers. As a mom of three I knew that the bright colors and crinkly sounds would be really fun for my youngest. He loves some of the most simplest toys and finds sounds very intriguing so I knew he would love this new toy.

We got the Alligator Crinkle Friend. My son loves alligators and this one was great to add to his collection. He actually says it is his favorite, and is the only one invited into his bed at night. It is so incredible soft that you can’t help but snuggle with it.

I have always loved their toys for their affordability and durability and this one is no different. As with most of their toy lines this one comes with different ones to choose from like Hedgehog, Toucan, or Crab. The Suggested Retail Price is $17. They are suitable for 6 months and up so even the younger ones can enjoy these brightly colored friends. Aurora’s Crinkle Friends can be purchased at retail stores or online at the official Aurora Shop. You can find more about them online and be sure to like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

About the Author

Jennette is mom to three adorable kids, and has been married for 7 years to the love of her life. Her husband and kids are her world and the inspiration for most things in her life. Her hobbies are sewing, blogging, cooking, crafting.

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