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Conair Retractable Bristle Brush Giveaway

conair round retractable bristle brush We recently got the chance to try the Conair Retractable Bristle Round Brush.  The brush is great for both long and short hair.  My hair is naturally wavy, and I love styling with a round brush to get that extra bit of body in my hair.  However, I’ve got long hair and I’m not completely skilled at styling.  And I’ve been a bit afraid of round brushes ever since I got one stuck in my hair years ago.  The Conair Retractable Bristle Brush is great for that, you can style with the round brush and if you get a tangle simply push the button to retract the bristles. This is awesome.  Then you simply twist the base by the bristles to get them out again.

The brush has a tourmaline surface to release IONS that helps increase shine and reduce frizziness by helping to flatten hair’s cuticle layer, which is great, but my favorite part is the retractable bristles.  Not only is it great for avoiding tangles, but it’s got a couple of other positive things about it too.  It makes is really easy to clean hair out of it.  You simply retract the bristles, and the hair comes right off into the trash.  it is also great for travel.  You can retract the bristles and it takes up less space and isn’t likely to get broken or bent.

I also like how fast and easy it is to retract the bristles and get them to come back out.  Overall, this is a great brush and the retractable bristle feature is awesome!  You can visit the Conair Website for more info.
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