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Avoid the Mess in Your Car with these Healthy Snacks for Your Child

Avoid the Mess in Your Car with these Healthy Snacks for Your Child

If you have kids, you likely are aware of the mess that can occur if you feed those kids in your car. Whether they toss their spaghetti on top of the dog in the backseat, or drop the bag of cheerios all over the floor, feeding your kids in the car usually ends up with a messy car. If you’ve banned the practice of feeding your kids in your car altogether, you might find your kids cranky and hungry when on longer drives. If your kids are still in car seats, you need to be especially careful as to not make a mess. Check out the 21st Century Insurance Contest to try and win the car seat of your choice. Thankfully, it’s easy and affordable to keep your car mess free while feeding your kids. Check out these mess free foods that will keep your kids happy and your car clean.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are a great mess free food that are healthy and filling for kids of all ages. Sometimes a granola bar can be too much for a young child, so chop a granola bar up into three or four segments and put them in a plastic bag. That way you can hand each piece to your child individually, and you won’t risk him or her dropping the full bar on the floor! Many companies that make snack bars also now have bars developed specifically for children, making it a great, healthy choice for your child’s nutritional needs.


For a great snack that all kids love, choose some kind of healthy gummy. Fruit snacks are a classic child snack, and won’t make a mess even if dropped on the floor.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a healthy snack that your kids will love. Pack it into tiny plastic bags, so your child won’t drop the entire bag on to the floor. When choosing a dried fruit snack, make sure you find one without a lot of added sugar. Some dried fruit makers add a lot of sugar to sweeten their dried fruit, making it an unhealthy choice. Instead, opt for the no sugar added version, and keep your kids full with dried fruit snacks.

Fruit Leathers

Another healthy and fruity choice for a mess free snack in your car would be fruit leathers. Fruit leathers are popular with kids of all ages, and if you can find the all natural fruit leathers you’ll be giving your kids a healthy and nourishing snack that won’t drip on your car’s leather or spill all over your seats. They also won’t leave your child’s hands sticky either, making it a win-win for everybody.

Sliced Up Veggies

If you want a really healthy snack for your kids, simply slice up some vegetables and put them in a plastic bag or some Tupperware. It could be mini carrots, celery, or even cucumbers; the more variety the better. Of course, not all kids will simply eat vegetables, so try and reward your kids for being healthy!

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