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Creative and Fun Child Birthday Themes that Work with a Budget

Your child’s birthday is something that takes a lot of work. From planning to paying to running, birthday parties are exhausting, but a lot of fun too. Throwing your son or daughter an awesome birthday party makes you feel better about yourself, and all the other parents will be jealous of you! The key to throwing a successful birthday party is having a great theme, and not just a common theme that every kid seems to have. If you really want to throw your child an awesome birthday party, check out these creative themes, along with some tips on how to make those themes come to life at your child’s birthday party.


The chef theme is great, because it’s affordable and works for both boys and girls. It’s a known fact that children love to cook, so throwing a chef themed birthday party for your son or daughter will be a hit with everybody. Make the invitations on a recipe card, which you can buy a pack of for just a few dollars. You could even put the invitations on printed flyers to look like a menu. Chef hats make great party favors that the kids can wear for the whole party. You can even have a blank cake, and have the kids decorate their individual pieces with different sprinkles and frostings before eating. For the food, you can have the kids create their own mini pizzas by setting out bowls of different toppings. The kids will love pretending to be chefs, and the party will be a hit!


The Hollywood red carpet party is also a great choice for both boys and girls, and can be crafted creatively to avoid putting a hamper on the bank account. Roll out a red carpet (which can be crafted at any crafts store) that guests can stroll down as they arrive at the party, and have a backdrop waiting with someone to snap some pictures. If you have time to print out the pictures during the party, they’ll make great party favors for the guests! Hanging movie posters for decorations, and create your own Hollywood sign. Have movie popcorn for snacks, but don’t forget to offer fruits and vegetables too. Instead of a cake, make red velvet cupcakes and display them in the shape of a star, like the ones on the Hollywood walk of fame. Add your own touches to the Hollywood party for an inexpensive, memorable party!


A carnival party will have kids thinking they’re at the fair! For the best carnival party, you should have a big back yard (or rent space at a local park). Set up lots of creative carnival games by hanging sheets over a rope that’s been tied from tree to tree. Have a temporary tattoo booth, or a face painting station to make the party more memorable. Rather than have party favors, have the kids keep the prizes they win from playing the games. Just make sure that everybody is a winner, because kids will get upset if they leave with nothing!

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