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Five Natural Sleep Aids that Can Benefit Just About Anyone

Five Natural Sleep Aids that Can Benefit Just About Anyone

A good portion of the American population suffers from sleep loss, a condition that can easily be remedied. While the old tricks of turning off the TV and picking up a novel aren’t as appealing to some people as they are to others, there are lots of natural sleep aids that will help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. Forget taking expensive sleep medication with nasty side effects, and instead opt to choose a natural aid that’s proven to help you sleep. Check out these natural sleep aids that will give you a better night’s sleep next time you lay down to sleep on under your twin XL comforter, and incorporate one into your lifestyle to be more refreshed every day.


Chamomile is a very popular sleep aid, and it’s very common to find it in tea that you can brew just before bedtime. Chamomile has been used as a sleep aid for hundreds of years, so it’s definitely got something going for it! The chamomile herb also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits to it too, making it all around a good choice for sleep help. Drinking chamomile also has a relaxing and calming effect on the body, so it’s great to sip on after a long stressful day.


Many people choose valerian as a sleep aid, and not just because of its effects on fighting insomnia. Valerian is an herbal extract that manages both anxiety and insomnia, making it a great nightly choice if your days are stressful. Studies have shown that people who take valerian fall asleep quicker, while also falling into a deeper sleep. And unlike the prescription sleep medications, people who take valerian wake up fresh and without any grogginess.


5-HTP is short for 5-hydroxytryptophan, which is a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan. Many people choose 5-HTP as a natural sleep aid because it helps boost serotonin, which helps with sleep. It also helps to produce melatonin, which helps regulate the sleep cycle. In addition to its help with sleep, 5-HTP also helps fight depression and anxiety, making it a great, natural pick me up to take before going to bed. Studies have also shown that 5-HTP helps control appetite, meaning you won’t wake up desiring that midnight snack. It has even been shown to help ease pain.


Another popular sleep aid that many people choose is passionflower. Passionflower is a plant that’s ground up to become a sleep aid, often found in tea form. Passionflower helps relieve symptoms of insomnia, and also helps with generalized anxiety disorder. Studies have also shown that passionflower helps to relieve gastrointestinal problems caused by anxiety, making it a great choice for overly stressed people who have trouble sleeping.


Melatonin remains one of the most popular natural sleep aids and it’s widely available. Melatonin is naturally produced in the human body, and it regulates your daily rhythms like your sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin increases the feeling of “sleepiness” and people who take it typically fall asleep faster with it. In addition to being a proven sleep aid, many people also take melatonin to relieve jet lag.

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