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Handling the Costs of Braces for Your Child

Handling the Costs of Braces for Your Child

At a young age, most parents are able to tell if their child’s bite is off or if his or her teeth are out of place. The average reaction tothis discovery is choosing to get braces for your little one. While the average price of a full treatment of braces can be between $3,000and $7,000, many parents are unable to afford the cost and are left feeling guilty. There are many nonprofits like SmilesChange Lives that connect families with orthodontistswho are willing to discount their services. Although this is a great option, many patients will not quality for programs like this, and dentalinsurance most likely will only cover a small amount of orthodontic treatments. Planning and budgeting ahead of time will make theexpenses less of a shock while assuring you choose the bestorthodontist for your family.

When choosing your provider, be sure to get recommendations from family members and friends you trust. Visit at least fourorthodontists when making your choice to see what the differences are and to compare prices. Most times, doctors will be willing tonegotiate the price, so be sure to ask. Make sure your child trustsand likes his/her doctor because he/she will be visiting the office often.Dr. Cobb, the kid’s dentist, offers extensive consultations to ensure a good fit.

Another option is to look into a payment plan. Most orthodontistsoffer this option with no interest during the time of treatment. If you can afford to pay upfront, most orthodontists will often offer a discounted price. This will also make the treatment a lot less complicated because you won’t be worrying about making a payment every month. Try to avoid third-party programs even if they’re through yourdoctor’s office as often these will extend your payments buttack on loads of interest costs. If you’re uneasy about the option ofworking with a payment plan, check out dental schools. Often,residents are supervised by experienced orthodontists, and it costsabout 2/3 of what it would at a private practice. Check out which schools near you offer this service by visiting the American Association of Orthodontics’ website.

If you receive dental insurance from work, check the policy to see if the service is covered. If you don’t have dental insurance, use a site like dentalplans.com that will cover your orthodontic services. The annual fee for this plan is usually only $100-$200, but be sure to read the fine print to make sure it covers what your family needs.

Lastly, keep unexpected costs at the top of your mind. Many times,removing teeth is part of the plan in preparing for braces. Your childalso may need a deep cleaning or replacement of old fillings if he/shehas any. Moreover, today invisible braces are much more popular because of their appeal; however, they cost much more than traditional metal braces. Either way, weigh the options for each of these, and choose what is best for your child and your budget.

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