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Make Your Backyard Look Amazing This Summer

Every year people vow to spend more time in their backyard, but every year people are busy and they end up spending too much time locked up inside their house. In this article, we explore quick and simple tips to get your backyard looking amazing in no time. From planting the right flowers, to picking the perfect dining set, you’ll learn how to get your backyard looking truly beautiful in no time at all!

When you select flowers, you are not just selecting a particular look for your backyard – you are selecting the wildlife that will want to come by. “In my yard, blanket flower is a ‘plant and ignore’ flower. It’s drought tolerant and can handle poor soil conditions,” writes About.com’s Debbie Hadley. “Few butterflies will roll up their proboscises and flutter away from this one. Look for sulphurs, whites, and swallowtails once this one flowers.”

Butterflies can turn a dry and lifeless yard into one that’s lively and beautiful, so it’s a great idea to follow some of Hadley’s suggestions to get butterflies into your garden. In addition to blanket flower, she also suggests Joe-pye weed, butterfly weed and blazing star. She also suggests New England aster, which is an excellent choice if you’re looking to introduce purples and violets into your backyard this summer.

The difference between a nice and a beautiful yard can often be in the way people mix and match color options. A professional gardener will choose a palette and stick to it. They might mix purples and creams, or even reds and pinks, but every choice will be very deliberate. So try to think about the colors you choose, and the way they transition around various parts of your yard.

When your yard looks amazing, friends and family will love to spend time outside when they visit, so consider investing in a patio dining set that will make you, your family and your guests feel comfortable.

When you have a nice dining set, it really transforms your yard into an extension of your home. You will find that your friends and family will suggest sitting outside more often, and that you will spend more time reading and talking outside. Check out these tips on decorating your back yard, which give great dining table suggestions. The Melrose 72″ Dining Table Set comes with a four-year warranty, it sits six people and it has undergone treatment so that it is “mold, mildew and fade resistant.”

There is nothing that makes a backyard look nicer than a perfect lawn. But with children and pets running around, your lawn gets flattened and crushed, so you need to aerate it from time to time. Get yourself an aerating machine and this will make a big difference. Another great lawn-related tip is to stop watering it as often, and start watering it a lot at one time. If you give your lawn around one inch of water, twice a week, it will start looking a lot richer and healthier.

Image source: http://mcclellandmiscellanea.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/anguilla-backyard-flowers-11-28-10.jpg

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