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Healthy On the Go Snacking - Stretch Island Fruit Co and Bear Naked Foods

Healthy On the Go Snacking – Stretch Island Fruit Co and Bear Naked Foods

We have a very busy schedule.  It seems like we are frequently running from one event or practice to another, and often the kids need a snack in between so we frequently grab a quick snack on the go.  Unfortunately,  quick and healthy don’t always go together especially when you are trying to find something to keep in the car for those unplanned “snack emergencies.”  So I’m always excited to find easy, healthy snacks that we can eat between activities.  So I was super excited to try some items from Stretch Island Fruit Co. and Bear Naked Foods.

Stretch Island Fruit Co. has all natural fruit strips that are the nutritional equivalent of ½ serving of fruit in tons of flavors (Apple, Apricot, Grape, Mango, Cherry, Raspberry, and Strawberry).  All the flavors are good, but my favorite is the apricot or the cherry.   These are one of my new favorite “on the go” snack foods.  They are designed for more “grown up” tastes since they are a bit more tart than the FruitaBu Fruit Rolls that they make for kids (which have a full serving of fruit) in the flavors apple, grape, and strawberry.  Unfortunately, I have competition for the fruit strips because my kids love those more than the fruit rolls.  I have to hide them in the pantry or they would eat them all, lol.   Both the fruit strips and fruit rolls are great for snacking on the go, and can be kept in the car or in a backpack much easier than fresh fruit can.

Stretch Island Fruit Co has also partnered with the Fruit Tree Planning Foundation to make “Fruit Tree 101” which plants schoolyard fruit orchards to education students about the importance of eating fruit and caring for the environment.

Bear Naked Foods is an all-natural food company with a line of granolas, trail mixes, cookies, and cereals.  My favorite is the granola.  I love can’t decide between the “oats and honey with blueberries” or the “triple berry crunch” – both are delicious.  One of the snacks I love is vanilla yogurt with granola.  Both of these are perfect for that.  Trail mix is another great snack I love to keep in the car for the kids when they need a little something while on the go. Their Chocolate Cherry flavor trail mix is great – it’s cranberries, almonds, cherries, raisins and chocolate granola clusters.

Another awesome thing about Bear Naked Food Company is their partnership with TerraCycle in a program that encourages people to save their used bags that are then “up-cycled” into eco-friendly products such as shower curtains, umbrellas and other accessories.

I’m very happy to have found both Stretch Island Fruit Co and Bear Naked Foods to add to my list of healthy on the go snacks.

Scala Pronto Wool Cloche Hat

Scala Pronto Wool Cloche Hat

When I got the opportunity to review the Scala Pronto Wool Cloche my first thought was, “What’s a Cloche?”  I had never heard the term.

In case you are like me and are wondering, here’s what I discovered: A cloche is a close filling bell shaped hat that first became popular in the 1920s and is still fashionable today.   The shape of the cloche is flattering to just about everyone which makes it an awesome gift idea.

A hat is one of those things that can really make an outfit fashionable.  Scala Pront’s Wool Cloche is made of a soft wool knit and is soft and not scratchy. It fits snugly, yet has some give to it so it is very comfortable. It’s both fashionable and warm, which is a great combination this time of year.  It comes in charcoal, black, camel, wine, plum, and red.

Throughout the month of december STM readers can get 20% off at www.women’s hats.com and can get free ground shipping in the US by using the promo code: ScalaPronto.


Sumo Lounge Omni Chair

I have always loved beanbag chairs. They are so comfortable and can make any room more fun. I have never seen beanbag chairs like the ones available from Sumo Lounge. They offer a great selection of different styles and colors all with keeping comfortable in mind.

The newest edition to our home is their Omni Chair. I was surprised to see that it comes already filled and ready to enjoy. All I had to do was remove it from the box. I love how large it is and that it can be used in so many ways. My kids love to lay in flat and watch movies or play video games. It is way big enough for adults to enjoy with the kids and has become my husbands new favorite video game chair. It is not only really versatile and comfortable, but also looks great with our existing furniture.

It is available in 10 great colors and is made with rip-proof nylon. It is filled with top quality Sumo beads. And as a mother of 3 very messy kids I love how the cover can be easily wiped clean. We have had so many compliments on it and is by far the most comfortable place to sit in the house. Once you are in it, you never want to get up! It is also light weight making it really easy to move from room to room to enjoy.

Some of their other selection includes the Otto, Sumo Gamer, Sumo Couple, Sumo Sultan, Sumo Gigantor, Sway Single, Sway Couple and Kids Bean Bags. You can find their entire selection on their website. And be sure to also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

Keurig Elite B40 Brewer and Kcups image

Coffee Cow Keurig B-40 Elite Brewer Giveaway

coffeecow.com logo CoffeeCow.com is an internet coffee supplier for home and office.  According to their website:

Coffeecow.com was developed by a small group of coffee professionals who have over 37-years of experience in fulfilling any coffee service need. Last year CoffeeCow.com customers enjoyed over 26-million cups of our great coffees and teas, so whether it is from the comfort of your home or your corporate office, Coffeecow.com has it all. At Coffeecow.com, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products, the fastest service, and the deepest discount prices you will find anywhere.

They carry many different brewers, coffees, teas, hot chocolates, cups, flavorings and creamers and more.  We got the opportunity to try the Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, along with a variety pack of K cups, and a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters variety box.

The Keurig Elite B40 Brewer brews coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in under a minute.  You have your choice brewing two different cup sizes (7.25 ounce and 9.25 ounce).   It has a removable water reservoir and a removable drip tray.

Keurig Elite B40 Brewer and Kcups image There are several things that impress me about the Keurig B40.  I am impressed by the variety and flavors of coffees and teas that are offered (according to Keurig, it’s over 200 different varieties)  I also love the K-Cup variety packs that let you sample the different kinds to find your favorite without having to commit to buying a whole box.  I also love the fact that they sell the “My K-Cup” re-usable filter basket so you can use your own blend of coffee if you like.   It’s also neat that you can run it without a k-cup in place to get hot water to use for tea or for cup a soups.   In addition to all that, it also brews a really good cup of coffee!  When I was brewing the first cup, my son said that it smelled really good, just like our local coffee shop.  My husband who is an avid coffee drinker says that it makes a really good cup of coffee.

I was disappointed by the fact that they don’t offer latte or other specialty drink K-cups.  However, when I looked into that, I discovered that they have designed the Keurig machines to do one thing- make a single serve coffee – and do it incredibly well.  They do that.  And I discovered that with a milk frother, you can use the Keurig to brew an extra bold espresso blend.  Then froth some milk to make a latte.

Overall, the Keurig is great for us.  It is perfect for making a single cup.  My husband likes dark roast and I like light and flavored coffees (my favorite so far is Van Houtte French Vanilla) so with the Keurig, we can each have exactly what we like.

To see the variety of Keurig brewers and K-cups available, you can visit the coffeecow.com website or connect with them on facebook.

Giada for Target Collage

Holiday Entertaining with Giada De Laurentiis for Target

Giada De Laruentiis for Target I have found a whole new reason to love Target – the new line of bakeware, cookware, and food items by Giada De Laurentiis.  We got a chance to try some of Giada’s recipes, grocery items, and a sampling of her bakeware products and we’re completely impressed!

The Holidays can be a stressful time of year with parties and guests and entertaining.  Giada De Laurentiis Target collection can help with the food preparation part of that, and she has lots of great tips for entertaining and some awesome recipes.

I love the food from her line.  It’s absolutely perfect for the holiday entertaining.  It makes it simple to quickly prepare gourmet foods that taste terrific.  We got to sample the Black Olive Tapenade, Giada Blend Coffee, Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, marinated mushrooms, Genovese Basil Pesto, Eggplant & Pepper Pesto.  My favorite is the Black Olive Tapenade on a slice of toasted baguette with some melted fontina cheese.   — Look at that, I’m not a gourmet cook by any stretch of the imagination, but Giada can make even me sound like a gourmet chef  : – )

Giada for Target Collage My husband and I had a great time sampling some of the new food items and some of Giada’s recipes.  I made the Pea Pesto Crostini.  (Yes, pesto made with peas – I had to try it).  My husband was trying to place the flavor; he knew it was familiar, but couldn’t quite place it thinking it was some herb that he was tasting and not peas.   It tastes fresh and not at all like you think it would.  Plus, with the green pea pesto and the red tomatoes, it’s perfect for Christmas.   Here’s the recipe in case you want to try it:

Pea Pesto Crostini    –   Recipe Courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis
•    1(10oz) package frozen peas, thawed
•    1 garlic clove
•    ½ cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
•    1 teaspoon salt, plus more to taste
•    2/3 cup olive oil
•    8 (1/2 inch thick) slices whole grain baguette or ciabatta bread, preferably day old
•    8 cherry tomatoes, halved or 1 small tomato, diced

For the pea pesto:
1.    Pulse together in food processor the peas, garlic, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.
2.    With the machine running, slowly add 1/3 cup of the olive oil and continue to mix until well combined, 1 to 2 minutes. Season with more salt and pepper, if needed.
3.    Transfer to small bowl and set aside.

For the crostini:
1.    Toast the bread for 2 – 3 minutes on an oven’s broil setting.
2.    Transfer bread to platter and spread 1 to 2 tablespoons of pesto on each slice.
3.    Top crostini with 2 tomato halves, finely chopped herbs or parmesan cheese and serve.

Yield: 4 – 6 Servings/ 8 crostini
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes

We also got to sample of Giada’s cookware including  a 2 quart Ceramic Oval Baker, a 9 ” ceramic Pie Pan, a silicone Spoonula, a 3 piece plastic bowl set, a Stainless Steel Whisk, and Stainless Steel Measuring cups and it’s all terrific.  I love the oval baker and the pie pan.  They are nice quality and affordable.  I especially like how they are functional  yet are still pretty enough to look great on the table.  The mixing bowls are great as well.  They are durable yet lightweight and have non-slip rings on the bottom.  I love the pour spout and the ledge to hang on to, which is awesome to hold the bowl while mixing and while pouring.   These have quickly become my favorite set of mixing bowls!

Since I’m sure everyone is looking to reduce stress this Holiday Season, here are a few of Giada’s entertaining  tips:

•    Plan ahead!  Prepare most of your dishes ahead of time, rather than trying to cook everything at once.  You’ll feel less stressed and will be able to enjoy the party.  Giada recommends leaving only one item for last minute prep – this brings everyone into the kitchen and sets the tone for a cozy, comfortable evening.

•    Don’t overdo your menu – keep it simple!  As a general rule, Giada suggests offering four to five appetizers.  During the holidays, choose foods that have vibrant colors for an added festive touch.  Also select foods that are beautiful to serve and easy for guests to eat.

•    For guests who pop-in unexpectedly, keep ready-to-serve delights in the pantry such as Giada De Laurentiis for Target Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes, Marinated Roasted Red Peppers and Marinated Mushrooms  for quick entertaining options. The Giada De Laurentiis for Target Genovese Basil Pesto and Eggplant & Pepper Pesto are also easy and delicious treats.  Serve with toasted bread or crackers and display on a festive serving platter.

•    Create less work for yourself by using multipurpose kitchen tools.  The Giada De Laurentiis for Target Ceramic Bakeware can go directly from the oven to the table.  The bakeware beautifully displays the dish and makes less clean-up for you!  Kitchen and food items also make wonderful gifts.  Add a personal touch to a hostess gift by baking your favorite homemade pie in The Giada De Laurentiis for Target Ceramic Pie Pan.

We are impressed with Giada De Laurentiis’ bakeware and food items are definitely planning on using some Giada products for our New Year’s celebration this year.  I’m going to be getting more of the Black Olive Tapenade and am excited to go to Target to check out the rest of the items.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Giada De Laurentiis for Target and received product samples to facilitate my review.”
Picasso Hair Feathers Image showing Colors

Picasso Hair Feathers


Picasso hair feathers logoJust in case you haven’t already seen it, the new trend with hair accessories is hair feathers. My daughter came home from school a few weeks ago and said that “everybody is wearing them.” We recently got a chance to try some animal-friendly hair feathers from Picasso Hair Feathers and they are awesome.

Picasso hair feathers are totally adorable and are easy to apply.  I absolutely love their plastic loop that helps you apply them.  It makes it so easy to get them onto your hair.  Prior to these, we tried a brand from a local beauty supply store and they aren’t nearly as easy to apply.   I am also very pleased with the ring that you attach them with.  When applying them to my daughters hair, we had to reposition one three times (Hey, it’s got to be perfectly positioned right?) and it was very easy to remove and re-apply (make sure you keep the little plastic loop to help re-apply them if you decide to move them).  You can see more about how to apply them on the Piccasso website here.

It’s really neat that once you apply them, you can just wash and style like normal.  They are also heat resistant so you can use the straightening iron or curling iron too just like on your real hair.

Picasso Hair Feathers Image showing Colors The company has tons of great color combinations that you can see on their website.  We got the “breaking dawn” pack, and I was very pleased to see that the colors of the feathers are just as rich and beautiful as they are in the photo on the website.

These would make a great stocking stuffer or an awesome way to update your look.  I love that you can get a fresh and trendy look that you can put in and forget about, but still change up whenever you like.

Stop by the Picasso Hair Feather’s website yourself and have a look around or you can connect with them on facebook and twitter.

Journal 10+

Journal 10+

Years and years ago I kept a journal. At the end of everyday I would take that time for myself to write about my day and thoughts. I always had a sense of accomplishment that I was able to keep it up for years. Then motherhood happened to me. I stopped writing in my journal. I guess after becoming a mother I just didn’t have the time for myself to write a page or two everyday. I look back on those days and entries and really miss that time for myself.

Recently I found something really cool. The Journal 10+ is a dated ten year journal that only takes up to 5 minutes a day. Since having it, I have been able to use it everyday without feeling like I have to fill up page after page. I am able to write many things down it like dates, kids first happenings as well as just a quick thought to look back on later. I love that one day I can look back on it and see ten years all in one journal. This would make a great gift for someone else or as a gift to yourself. You can find out more about the journals on their website.


I have heard of subscriptions to just about everything. Well almost everything. I have never heard of a a subscription for underwear. That why I am really excited to tell you about Frankley.com. They are a underwear subscription service for women, men and children. At first I was skeptical until I gave thought to how many people I have to keep in underwear. With three kids and a husband there is always one of them in need of new underwear. Not too mention never bra shopping, that sounds like heaven! That is where Frankley comes in. You can receive your subscription every two months, three months or six months. And I love that they offer items for the whole family.

I was able to try out of few of their items and I love them. I received their Frankley Signature Elle Short in Black. They are really soft and cute. They are also durable, great quality and very comfortable. Definitely something I would buy for myself in person.

I also received one of their bras in white. I normally have a hard time with bras but this one had a great fit and looks great. It is also very comfortable and durable. I could not be happier with their items.

I think their service would make a great gift. And with their selection you should have no trouble in finding something for the whole family. You can find out more about their selection on their website and find out how it all works here! Also connect with them on Twitter!

Green Toys™ Pizza Parlor

My kids have always loved playing with food themed toys. Mom and dad ofter sit down to be served with pretend food that our little chefs whip up. Their newest addition to their pretend food toys is the Green Toys Pizza Parlor. Who doesn’t love pizza? My kids have had a great time taking orders and customizing pizzas to mom and dads choices. Their are enough options with the toppings that everyone gets a slice just as they like. This a really durable toy that my kids will enjoy for a long time!

Each set includes 4 pizza crusts, 20 pizza toppings (4 sauce, 4 cheese, 4 sets pepperoni, 2 sets mushrooms, 2 sets onions, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, 1 red tomato, and 1 green tomato), pizza cutter, Pizza Parlor order forms, and pizza “delivery” box.

Green Toys has many really cool products available and the best part is that their toys are made with 100% recycled materials. Their products are not only cool but ones that you will feel good about your kids playing with. Here are a few more of my favorites.

You can find out more about their products on their website and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Kid Concoctions Magic Bubble Art Kit

Kid Concoctions Magic Bubble Art Kit

This year like most I will be getting my three kids toys for under the tree. With three my house often feels like a messy toy store. More and more I try to find my kids gifts that that can enjoy while also being creative. One of my kids newest favorite products is the Kid Concoctions Magic Bubble Art Kit from Growing Tree Toys. My kids have never had anything like this before so they were very excited to try it out.

The Magic Bubble Art Kit features 3 bottles of color drops, liquid soap, assorted paper, 90 stickers and punch outs, 4 mixing cups, 6 straws, 6 pipe cleaners, 4 craft sticks, string, a plastic stir stick and easy instructions. Kids can create up to 16 bubble themed projects.

My kids thought this product was a great idea. I love that it kept them busy creating. It is recommended for ages 6 and up and is at an awesome price of only 15.95. You can find so many great toys from Growing Tree Toys and enjoy easy shopping by using their Shop by Age, Department or Specialty Feature. You can learn more about their products on their website, and be sure to connect with them on Twitter and Facebook!

Logo for Diamond Candles

Diamond Candles Giveaway

Logo for Diamond Candles I love scented candles.  There is something about burning a wonderful smelling candle that makes your home feel so cozy and relaxing.  We discovered a great new candle company called Diamond Candles.   They have all natural soy candles, and the reason they are called Diamond Candles is that each candle has a ring hidden in the wax that is worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000.

The company was founded in January of 2011.  The founder came up with the idea of putting rings in candles when he was looking for a gift bag at the store for the ring, but he saw some candles and decided to buy her one to go along with the ring.  The company website says “On his way out of the store, he looked down at the ring in one hand and the candle in the other, and the idea of Diamond Candles was born.”

I got the chance to try the Lavender Lemon scent and I love it.  It’s a clean relaxing scent.  It’s mostly lemony with a hint of the lavender.  It’s pleasant, but it isn’t overpowering. I do wish the scent was a bit stronger though since you can’t smell it except for the room that it is in.  I’d love for the scent to fill the whole house.  It is in a very pretty glass container with a lid.  I can see the foil pouch of the ring in the side, but haven’t gotten down to it yet.  (I’m resisting the urge to dig it out, lol)

Photo of Diamond Candles These candles would make a totally fun gift for someone since not only are they getting an awesome candle, but also a pretty ring.  If you want to see some images of the rings, you can go to the Diamond Candle Facebook page and see photos that customers have posted of the rings that they have gotten.   I’ll update this post with a photo of the ring once I get it out.

You can see all of the scents that they have to offer for yourself on their website.  They have lots of different scents and even some Christmas ones.

Website: www.diamondcandles.com

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/diamondcandles

Twitter: http://twitter.com/diamondcandles



My kids and their friends love Hexbugs!  By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Hexbug Nano, the cute little robot bugs that move around their track. Just when we thought hex bugs couldn’t get any cooler.  They did.  They now have glow in the dark Hexbugs, glow in the dark Hexbug track, Halloween Zombie Hexbugs, and a new one in the larger Hexbug collection – the Hexbug Larva.  The kids just love them.

We had an awesome time having our Hexbug party last week and all the kids had a blast! I love watching the kids play with these.  The kids find creative ways to put together the habitat tracks and have fun building and rebuilding them.  I think it’s so neat how the bugs seem to have different personalities as they move around their habitats. The kids loved the glow-in-the-dark Hexbugs, Halloween Zombie Hexbugs, the HexBug Nano Glow-in-the-Dark Habitats, and the Hexbug larva.   Our party was during the day (and everyone couldn’t fit in the closet) so it wasn’t dark enough to see the glowing track, but even just the black track when it is not glowing is still very cool.  That night we did shut out the lights and the glowing track and bugs are awesome!

If you are having a Hexbug party, we found tons of great themed food ideas.  The kids favorites are the worms and dirt (pudding with crumbled oreos and of course gummy bugs), and buggy brownies ( powdered sugar dusted brownies with plastic bug decorations) . I’m not sure what it is, but something about bugs on food kids just love, lol.

The Hexbug larva was a big hit too.  These amazing little robotic creatures can sense objects in front of them and will change direction.  The kids love watching them and putting their hands in front of them to make them change direction.  The way they move is very cool, and the way they react to stuff in front of them makes them seem alive.

My favorite is the Halloween Zombie Hexbugs.  They each come in their own little coffin and have a skeleton that clips onto the bug. So cute and the kids loved them.

All of the new Hexbugs and tracks are perfect for Halloween and as we discovered at our party are sure to be on many Christmas lists as well :-)

You can find out more about Hexbugs on their website.

Thanks to Mommy Parties, Mom Select for supplying samples for our party!

Bedtime Book for Dogs

Bedtime Book for Dogs

I’m excited to tell you about this totally cute idea  – a book for kids to read to their  dogs.  It’s a very cute kids book called The Bedtime Book for Dogs by Bruce Littlefield.  It’s about a dog who doesn’t want to wait for his owner to go for a walk so he goes by himself, but then he discovers that it isn’t as much fun alone.   It has adorable illustrations and a cute story with lots simple words for younger kids.  One really neat thing about it, is  that not only are the words are simple ones that younger kids can read and there are also words woven throughout the story that most dogs understand “come, sit, stay, good dog, treat”   Those words definitely get the attention of our dog.

This book reminds me of a program at the library nearby our house where kids ca read to a dog.  It’s amazing how the kids get very excited to read to a dog.   I think the idea behind it being that reading to a pet is that it makes reading enjoyable for them- the pet doesn’t correct them and in most cases is happy to sit there and be talked to, but this book is especially neat because the words in it help to keep a dog’s attention.  Great for encouraging reluctant readers and fun for good readers too.  Lots of fun.

You can find more information and see some of the cute illustrations on their website  or connect with them on facebook.

Sibu Beauty - Daytime Facial Cream

Sibu Beauty – Daytime Facial Cream

Sibu Beauty makes a whole line of products using the sea buckthorn berry.   My first thought was “why the sea buckthorn berry?”  Well, according to Sibu,  the sea bukthorn berry lives in the harsh conditions of the high altitudes of the Himalayas in Tibet and “fortifies itself with lots protective nutrients including “omegas 3, 6,7, 9 carotenoids, falconoid, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.“  Omega 7 occurs naturally in healthy skin and helps with the production of collagen which helps with skin your body has less of as you age.  It is found only in  two different plants – macadamia nuts and the sea buckthorn berry.

Sibu Beauty offers a line of sea buckthorn products including suppliments,  face cream, body cream, eye cream, cleanse & detox facial bar, a facial cleanser,  a hydrating serum,  an oil, and a night cream.

I got the chance to try the  Repair and Protect Daytime Facial Cream.  I have fairly sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to a lot of lotions, but I have no trouble with  this one.  It is not at all greasy and seems to absorb into my skin quickly.  It moisturizes well and makes my skin feel soft.   The scent is unique and hard to describe.  It’s a fresh citrus smell, but with an undertone of something else that is difficult to find something to compare it too (I’m guessing it’s the sea buckthorn scent?)- and it’s not “perfumey” at all like some creams.

So far, I’m very pleased with the Repair and Protect Daytime Facial Cream and am looking forward to trying more from Sibu Beauty’s line of sea buckthorn products.

You can find more information on their website or connect with them on facebook and twitter.

Flip Flop Wines

Flip Flop Wines

Flip flops and wine are two things that don’t seem to go together, but I must admit that I have enjoyed a glass of wine while wearing flip flops before.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons that I like this company so much, lol.  My favorite thing about Flip Flop wines- well, second favorite thing if you count the wine :-) – is their great approach.  Their motto is “to each their own” and they say that their wines are “always delicious, never pretentious,”  and their goal is “to stay true to each wine’s varietal character, and to make great tasting wines that don’t break the bank.”  I think they have definitely accomplished this.

I love the attitude of this company – relaxed, casual, and fun.  Ones of the quotes on their website from David Georges, the Vintner of Flip Flop wines, is “We like to make seriously good wines, but not take ourselves too seriously in the process…”  They have seven varieties of wine including: Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Pinot Noir.  All of their wines have won numerous awards.  Too many to list here, but you can see them here (http://www.flipflopwines.com/awards/) and the labels on the bottles are totally cute!

I also love socially conscious companies, and Flip Flop wines is participating in the “Soles for Souls” program, to donates shoes to people in need throughout the world.

For casual, unpretentious, affordable, and great tasting wine you can find Flip Flop wines on their website or connect with them on facebook or twitter.  You can even purchase Flip Flop online.

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