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Emitations Jewelry

One of my favorite things is jewelry. Almost always I pick the jewelry I want to wear then I decide what clothes to wear. Jewelry is such a fun accessory and can take any outfit to the next level. I personally do not like over the top blingy type jewelry, I am more of a less is more kind of gal. Recently I had the chance to review a few pieces from Emitations. I chose their beautiful handcuff bracket, a handcuff necklace and 2 Silver Twisted Stack-able Bangle Bracelets with Swarovski Crystals.

I was totally excited when the items arrived. The handcuff bracelet was more beautiful in person. It is small and dainty and has the most beautiful cz accents. I love how it is small and not to heavy or bulky. It totally goes with my style. I have had many compliments on it and it has really become my favorite piece to wear. The handcuff necklace was also nice. It was a bit larger then I expected. It is a necklace that I only wear out for the day due to the weight of it. It is very lovely and the handcuffs make it edgy which I love. The 2 Silver Twisted Stackable Bangle Bracelets with Swarovski Crystals came in purple and orange. They are very different then any bracelets I currently have. The floating stone gives them a simple look and the punch of color in the stones makes them really nice. I love they can go with so many things and be easily stacked with other bangles for the perfect look.

Overall I loved all the items I received from Emitations. Their selection is great and better yet are the prices. They have a wide selection of Sterling Silver Rings, stud earrings, bracelets and more. Many of their items are inspired by celebrities so it is a great way to get the stars looks without the price. If you love jewelry as much as I do I recommend that you see what the have to offer.

Make Your Backyard Look Amazing This Summer

Make Your Backyard Look Amazing This Summer

Every year people vow to spend more time in their backyard, but every year people are busy and they end up spending too much time locked up inside their house. In this article, we explore quick and simple tips to get your backyard looking amazing in no time. From planting the right flowers, to picking the perfect dining set, you’ll learn how to get your backyard looking truly beautiful in no time at all!

When you select flowers, you are not just selecting a particular look for your backyard – you are selecting the wildlife that will want to come by. “In my yard, blanket flower is a ‘plant and ignore’ flower. It’s drought tolerant and can handle poor soil conditions,” writes About.com’s Debbie Hadley. “Few butterflies will roll up their proboscises and flutter away from this one. Look for sulphurs, whites, and swallowtails once this one flowers.”

Butterflies can turn a dry and lifeless yard into one that’s lively and beautiful, so it’s a great idea to follow some of Hadley’s suggestions to get butterflies into your garden. In addition to blanket flower, she also suggests Joe-pye weed, butterfly weed and blazing star. She also suggests New England aster, which is an excellent choice if you’re looking to introduce purples and violets into your backyard this summer.

The difference between a nice and a beautiful yard can often be in the way people mix and match color options. A professional gardener will choose a palette and stick to it. They might mix purples and creams, or even reds and pinks, but every choice will be very deliberate. So try to think about the colors you choose, and the way they transition around various parts of your yard.

When your yard looks amazing, friends and family will love to spend time outside when they visit, so consider investing in a patio dining set that will make you, your family and your guests feel comfortable.

When you have a nice dining set, it really transforms your yard into an extension of your home. You will find that your friends and family will suggest sitting outside more often, and that you will spend more time reading and talking outside. Check out these tips on decorating your back yard, which give great dining table suggestions. The Melrose 72″ Dining Table Set comes with a four-year warranty, it sits six people and it has undergone treatment so that it is “mold, mildew and fade resistant.”

There is nothing that makes a backyard look nicer than a perfect lawn. But with children and pets running around, your lawn gets flattened and crushed, so you need to aerate it from time to time. Get yourself an aerating machine and this will make a big difference. Another great lawn-related tip is to stop watering it as often, and start watering it a lot at one time. If you give your lawn around one inch of water, twice a week, it will start looking a lot richer and healthier.

Image source: http://mcclellandmiscellanea.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/anguilla-backyard-flowers-11-28-10.jpg

Barbie Color Your World Coloring Pages

My daughter is one of the biggest fans of  Barbie. We try to keep up with all the new things she has going on. She was so excited to learn about the new Color Your World coloring page creator on http://see.walmart.com/barbie?cid=sbo.447.3794 . It is a wonderful way for my daughter to share her creativeness with Barbie by making her very own coloring page. It has a really easy drag and drop design allowing her to completely make it look her own. Everything from Barbie and her friends, background, accessories to the vehicles can be moved around. She had so much fun with it. And once they get the page just how they want you just click to print and let coloring begin. I also really love that we can share the page she created with family and friends on Facebook and Pinterest.

Below is one out of 5 that my daughter has made so far. I think it turned out great! They probably should not be in the street, but I let that slide:) I really liked that she was able to be creative while also playing with a brand that she loves. Often times when printing coloring pages in the past we are kind of stuck with what is available. With this she can mix and match and come up with something completely different with each and every page.

If you have a little creative Barbie lover then you have to checkout the Barbie Color Your World Coloring Pages .  Also be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what your daughter thought.

Handling the Costs of Braces for Your Child

Handling the Costs of Braces for Your Child

Handling the Costs of Braces for Your Child

At a young age, most parents are able to tell if their child’s bite is off or if his or her teeth are out of place. The average reaction tothis discovery is choosing to get braces for your little one. While the average price of a full treatment of braces can be between $3,000and $7,000, many parents are unable to afford the cost and are left feeling guilty. There are many nonprofits like SmilesChange Lives that connect families with orthodontistswho are willing to discount their services. Although this is a great option, many patients will not quality for programs like this, and dentalinsurance most likely will only cover a small amount of orthodontic treatments. Planning and budgeting ahead of time will make theexpenses less of a shock while assuring you choose the bestorthodontist for your family.

When choosing your provider, be sure to get recommendations from family members and friends you trust. Visit at least fourorthodontists when making your choice to see what the differences are and to compare prices. Most times, doctors will be willing tonegotiate the price, so be sure to ask. Make sure your child trustsand likes his/her doctor because he/she will be visiting the office often.Dr. Cobb, the kid’s dentist, offers extensive consultations to ensure a good fit.

Another option is to look into a payment plan. Most orthodontistsoffer this option with no interest during the time of treatment. If you can afford to pay upfront, most orthodontists will often offer a discounted price. This will also make the treatment a lot less complicated because you won’t be worrying about making a payment every month. Try to avoid third-party programs even if they’re through yourdoctor’s office as often these will extend your payments buttack on loads of interest costs. If you’re uneasy about the option ofworking with a payment plan, check out dental schools. Often,residents are supervised by experienced orthodontists, and it costsabout 2/3 of what it would at a private practice. Check out which schools near you offer this service by visiting the American Association of Orthodontics’ website.

If you receive dental insurance from work, check the policy to see if the service is covered. If you don’t have dental insurance, use a site like dentalplans.com that will cover your orthodontic services. The annual fee for this plan is usually only $100-$200, but be sure to read the fine print to make sure it covers what your family needs.

Lastly, keep unexpected costs at the top of your mind. Many times,removing teeth is part of the plan in preparing for braces. Your childalso may need a deep cleaning or replacement of old fillings if he/shehas any. Moreover, today invisible braces are much more popular because of their appeal; however, they cost much more than traditional metal braces. Either way, weigh the options for each of these, and choose what is best for your child and your budget.

Image via parent24.com

Creative and Fun Child Birthday Themes that Work with a Budget

Creative and Fun Child Birthday Themes that Work with a Budget

Your child’s birthday is something that takes a lot of work. From planning to paying to running, birthday parties are exhausting, but a lot of fun too. Throwing your son or daughter an awesome birthday party makes you feel better about yourself, and all the other parents will be jealous of you! The key to throwing a successful birthday party is having a great theme, and not just a common theme that every kid seems to have. If you really want to throw your child an awesome birthday party, check out these creative themes, along with some tips on how to make those themes come to life at your child’s birthday party.


The chef theme is great, because it’s affordable and works for both boys and girls. It’s a known fact that children love to cook, so throwing a chef themed birthday party for your son or daughter will be a hit with everybody. Make the invitations on a recipe card, which you can buy a pack of for just a few dollars. You could even put the invitations on printed flyers to look like a menu. Chef hats make great party favors that the kids can wear for the whole party. You can even have a blank cake, and have the kids decorate their individual pieces with different sprinkles and frostings before eating. For the food, you can have the kids create their own mini pizzas by setting out bowls of different toppings. The kids will love pretending to be chefs, and the party will be a hit!


The Hollywood red carpet party is also a great choice for both boys and girls, and can be crafted creatively to avoid putting a hamper on the bank account. Roll out a red carpet (which can be crafted at any crafts store) that guests can stroll down as they arrive at the party, and have a backdrop waiting with someone to snap some pictures. If you have time to print out the pictures during the party, they’ll make great party favors for the guests! Hanging movie posters for decorations, and create your own Hollywood sign. Have movie popcorn for snacks, but don’t forget to offer fruits and vegetables too. Instead of a cake, make red velvet cupcakes and display them in the shape of a star, like the ones on the Hollywood walk of fame. Add your own touches to the Hollywood party for an inexpensive, memorable party!


A carnival party will have kids thinking they’re at the fair! For the best carnival party, you should have a big back yard (or rent space at a local park). Set up lots of creative carnival games by hanging sheets over a rope that’s been tied from tree to tree. Have a temporary tattoo booth, or a face painting station to make the party more memorable. Rather than have party favors, have the kids keep the prizes they win from playing the games. Just make sure that everybody is a winner, because kids will get upset if they leave with nothing!

Image credit: http://api.ning.com/

William Mathews Brooks – the REAL McGuyver

William Mathews Brooks in the great outdoors what McGuyver was to getting out of sticky situations. Just like McGuyver, who could take a ball-point pen, a paper clip, a rubber band and bubble gum and fashion a crude instrument to pick a lock or blow up a bunker, Brooks is just as talented. If the adventure involves a plane, a boat, skis or a mountain, Brooks is your man.

Brooks, who hails from California, is an aviator, sailor, experienced mountain guide and businessman. His company, Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Co., sells products throughout the world. He holds several aviation records for speed and distance, and he’s been sailing since he was a kid. There is very little in the outdoors he can’t do.

When he’s not overseeing his company, climbing a mountain, flying a plane or sailing a vessel, he is working with one of the many organizations or charities to which he is a member, including, the American Mountain Guides Association, in which he was the recipient of both the gold Medal (2010) and the Lifetime Achievement Award (2012), the American Avalanche Association, the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE), which he co-founded, holds an appointment from the City and County of San Francisco as a Commissioner for the San Francisco Asian Art Museum in which he is a, the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS), and the Brooks-Mathews Foundation.

William Mathews Brooks is indeed a lot like McGuyver, but with one very important exception: he’s not fictional. He’s a real person, but one with extraordinary talents and skills that even the fictional McGuyver would envy.

Five Natural Sleep Aids that Can Benefit Just About Anyone

Five Natural Sleep Aids that Can Benefit Just About Anyone

Five Natural Sleep Aids that Can Benefit Just About Anyone

A good portion of the American population suffers from sleep loss, a condition that can easily be remedied. While the old tricks of turning off the TV and picking up a novel aren’t as appealing to some people as they are to others, there are lots of natural sleep aids that will help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. Forget taking expensive sleep medication with nasty side effects, and instead opt to choose a natural aid that’s proven to help you sleep. Check out these natural sleep aids that will give you a better night’s sleep next time you lay down to sleep on under your twin XL comforter, and incorporate one into your lifestyle to be more refreshed every day.


Chamomile is a very popular sleep aid, and it’s very common to find it in tea that you can brew just before bedtime. Chamomile has been used as a sleep aid for hundreds of years, so it’s definitely got something going for it! The chamomile herb also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits to it too, making it all around a good choice for sleep help. Drinking chamomile also has a relaxing and calming effect on the body, so it’s great to sip on after a long stressful day.


Many people choose valerian as a sleep aid, and not just because of its effects on fighting insomnia. Valerian is an herbal extract that manages both anxiety and insomnia, making it a great nightly choice if your days are stressful. Studies have shown that people who take valerian fall asleep quicker, while also falling into a deeper sleep. And unlike the prescription sleep medications, people who take valerian wake up fresh and without any grogginess.


5-HTP is short for 5-hydroxytryptophan, which is a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan. Many people choose 5-HTP as a natural sleep aid because it helps boost serotonin, which helps with sleep. It also helps to produce melatonin, which helps regulate the sleep cycle. In addition to its help with sleep, 5-HTP also helps fight depression and anxiety, making it a great, natural pick me up to take before going to bed. Studies have also shown that 5-HTP helps control appetite, meaning you won’t wake up desiring that midnight snack. It has even been shown to help ease pain.


Another popular sleep aid that many people choose is passionflower. Passionflower is a plant that’s ground up to become a sleep aid, often found in tea form. Passionflower helps relieve symptoms of insomnia, and also helps with generalized anxiety disorder. Studies have also shown that passionflower helps to relieve gastrointestinal problems caused by anxiety, making it a great choice for overly stressed people who have trouble sleeping.


Melatonin remains one of the most popular natural sleep aids and it’s widely available. Melatonin is naturally produced in the human body, and it regulates your daily rhythms like your sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin increases the feeling of “sleepiness” and people who take it typically fall asleep faster with it. In addition to being a proven sleep aid, many people also take melatonin to relieve jet lag.

Image credit: http://static.ddmcdn.com/

Avoid the Mess in Your Car with these Healthy Snacks for Your Child

Avoid the Mess in Your Car with these Healthy Snacks for Your Child

Avoid the Mess in Your Car with these Healthy Snacks for Your Child

If you have kids, you likely are aware of the mess that can occur if you feed those kids in your car. Whether they toss their spaghetti on top of the dog in the backseat, or drop the bag of cheerios all over the floor, feeding your kids in the car usually ends up with a messy car. If you’ve banned the practice of feeding your kids in your car altogether, you might find your kids cranky and hungry when on longer drives. If your kids are still in car seats, you need to be especially careful as to not make a mess. Check out the 21st Century Insurance Contest to try and win the car seat of your choice. Thankfully, it’s easy and affordable to keep your car mess free while feeding your kids. Check out these mess free foods that will keep your kids happy and your car clean.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are a great mess free food that are healthy and filling for kids of all ages. Sometimes a granola bar can be too much for a young child, so chop a granola bar up into three or four segments and put them in a plastic bag. That way you can hand each piece to your child individually, and you won’t risk him or her dropping the full bar on the floor! Many companies that make snack bars also now have bars developed specifically for children, making it a great, healthy choice for your child’s nutritional needs.


For a great snack that all kids love, choose some kind of healthy gummy. Fruit snacks are a classic child snack, and won’t make a mess even if dropped on the floor.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a healthy snack that your kids will love. Pack it into tiny plastic bags, so your child won’t drop the entire bag on to the floor. When choosing a dried fruit snack, make sure you find one without a lot of added sugar. Some dried fruit makers add a lot of sugar to sweeten their dried fruit, making it an unhealthy choice. Instead, opt for the no sugar added version, and keep your kids full with dried fruit snacks.

Fruit Leathers

Another healthy and fruity choice for a mess free snack in your car would be fruit leathers. Fruit leathers are popular with kids of all ages, and if you can find the all natural fruit leathers you’ll be giving your kids a healthy and nourishing snack that won’t drip on your car’s leather or spill all over your seats. They also won’t leave your child’s hands sticky either, making it a win-win for everybody.

Sliced Up Veggies

If you want a really healthy snack for your kids, simply slice up some vegetables and put them in a plastic bag or some Tupperware. It could be mini carrots, celery, or even cucumbers; the more variety the better. Of course, not all kids will simply eat vegetables, so try and reward your kids for being healthy!

Image credit: http://www.sfgate.com/

An Alternative to the Home Art Studio

An Alternative to the Home Art Studio

Not all of us have the space in our homes to make an artist’s studio. And for those of us who create seasonal art, or exercise a variety of mediums such as pottery, glass, paints, quilts, or furnishings, having space for our supplies and tools is vital to our craft. One simple solution is to visit www.usstoragesearch.com and find an acceptable storage unit near your home where your supplies are readily available in a neat and orderly manner.

Protecting your Investment

Artist supplies and project pieces can be very expensive. Storing them correctly will help protect your investment. If you paint, you know all too well how expensive good canvases are, and how susceptible they are to moisture. Purchase some large plastic airtight tubs for storing your canvases. These plastic tubs will lock out the moister to ensure the integrity of the canvasses. But if you design furnishings, or re-purpose old furniture, you may want to get a storage unit with climate control—especially if you live near the ocean, as salt in the air will reek havoc on wood. And with a climate-controlled unit, there is no need to store items in plastic tubs. In an article by Drawing Professor, the author states that it is important to protect artwork not only from moisture, but also from extreme heat and light. The author states that excessively dry conditions can also be harmful. Although you can buy plastic tubs to keep moisture out, it seems like the best investment may be to opt for a climate controlled unit—especially if you have furniture or bulkier pieces that are harder to individually protect.

Transporting Art

Be sure to use a portfolio case for transporting drawings. Do not lay them between pieces of cardboard, as cardboard causes wear and discoloration. Wrapping individual pieces in bubble wrap is another acceptable way of transporting art work, as it serves as a barrier that will prevent art works form rubbing against each other.


Once you have your arm materials and works of art ready to place in the unit, be sure to form a structured layout. For example, make a walkway that runs down the center of the unit so you can access the items in the back. Be sure to put all pottery and glass projects in one area separate from paintings nd wall hangings. This will make it much easier when you go to look for specific items. Also, be sure to take an inventory on paper stating what you have, and how many of each item. This will help you keep track of materials and will ensure that when it comes time for you to finish that restoration project, that you know exactly what you have, and what items you need to purchase to complete the piece.

Your Creative Space

When you find the right storage unit, you can also find a studio. As many of these units have electricity, and offer a clean, well-lit space, you may even be able to enjoy using your potter’s wheel on site in the unit. Just be sure you are not violating any rules. Lay plastic out to protect the floor and walls from spills, and it should be fine with management. But do your research, and find a unit that meets the demanding needs of your life’s passion, and that will protect and guard your artwork in a safe, secure manner.


Seeking Bloggers to Review/Giveaway Modern Beautiful Party Printables

Seeking Bloggers to Review/Giveaway Modern Beautiful Party Printables

As some of you may know Kelly and I also own and operate Modern Beautiful Party Printables. We are so thrilled to have had a very successful first year. We would love to have some of our fellow bloggers that are all about parties to do a review and giveaway with us. All items for review and giveaway are printables. You or the giveaway winner could pick from over 700 + of our digital designs and simply print, assemble and party! You can view our items at Modern Beautiful, and if you are interested in working with us fill out the form below!

Barbie Spring 2013 Collection at Walmart

When I was a little girl my favorite things to play with was my Barbie collection. My friends and I would trade Barbie clothes and shoes and made playing with Barbies something we did everyday. Now that I am a mother to two daughters I was not surprised that they both love Barbies as well. Times sure have changed since I was little. There are so many more Barbie accessories, clothes, and things for Barbie then back then. I love watching them enjoy playing with Barbie as much as I did when I was little. Barbie Banner 6
This December Walmart is releasing products from the Barbie Spring 2013 collection before any other retailer. I can not wait to see what the new collection will be like. My daughter is such a huge fan, she is going to love this! You can check them out at walmart.com
Barbie Banner 3
You can also save money when purchasing some of the items from the new collection!

Save $10 when you spend $50

Visit Coupons.com and download a coupon to save $10 when you purchase $50 worth of Barbie products. Now the Barbie products you know and love are even more affordable this Christmas! Get the coupon now at Coupons.com.
Barbie Banner 1
This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

Pinypon Party

Pinypon Party

One thing my six year old daughter enjoys the most is playing with toys. She loves little things that come with fun and cute accessories.  I had never heard of Pinypon Dolls before but as soon as I had done some research I knew she would love them. We had the chance to do a party with some of her friends so that they could play with the dolls, enjoy some snacks and games and get to know the Pinypon Dolls.

Pinypon Dolls are brightly colored mini dolls that likes all the things most girls do like fashion, shopping and hanging with their friends. Everything can be mixed and matched. You can change their dresses, accessories, hairstyles and faces.

After getting everything organized. planning some activities we were finally able to have our party. The girls all had an amazing time. I found that most of the girls had only seen commercials for this toy but didn’t have any from the collection. They had a blast playing with the Pinypon Caravans and organizing all the great accessories the van and dolls come with. For snacks we did Pinypon Punch and Fashion Makeover cupcakes. The girls had so much fun decorated their own cupcakes with sprinkles, frosting and candy. We also did a Pinypon fashion show. They had fun mixing and matching the items for different looks. Each of the guests also got a fashion show certificate. They really liked it and were super exited about it. Two of the quests also received a bonus item. One was the Pinypon Caravan and the other was a Nenuco Newborn Doll. I know the girls were so happy to leave with their very own Pinypon dolls and their parents were really excited about learning about the toys and getting coupons to purchase more items from Pinypon.

Our readers can also receive discount savings by visiting www.Pinypon.com
For the party we received Pinypon Figures Pinypon Caravans, Pinypon Coupons, Themed games and activities, Easy-to-make recipes and as a Bonus the Nenuco Newborn Doll from MommyParties to host this party! Items were provided for free. All opinions are my own.

Littlest Pet Shop Viewing Party

My kids have always loved Littlest Pet Shop toys. My oldest daughter had a collection of about 125 of them and have since been passed down to my younger daughter. She loves to organize them by animal and is always adding to her collection.

We were so excited to find out that we had been selected for a LPS viewing party. Our party kit included LPS chapstick, hair brushes and adorable little masks. We had about 6 girls and my son over for the event. Before the kids watch the screening we all made some awesome LPS snacks. The kids decided on chocolate popcorn, Blythes Biscuit Sandwiches and LPS Pink Lemonade. The kids really had a great time making their sandwiches and lemonade.

Once everyone had their snacks we watched the viewing DVD. All of the kids were really excited to learn that they would be able to watch LPS ON The Hub TV network. Most of the kids already loved the Hub and were very familiar with the shows on the channel. All of the kids had a great time watching the show. After that we decided to do a fashion show with dress up clothes. The girls had so much fun dressing up and making themselves pretty with their LPS chapstick and brushes. We played music and had a little runway for them.


Overall the viewing party was a huge hit! You can find out more about the Littlest Pet Shop show on the Hub website.

Items were sent for the purpose of hosting the party.

Eddie Bauer Baby Giveaway

This is a wonderful giveaway of a beautiful collection of baby gear! I can tell you that I would have loved this set with anyone of my kids. I love how stylish and classy the set looks. A great way to get ready for an upcoming baby! You can enter below!

We proudly welcome you to the Eddie Bauer Baby Collection Giveaway Event hosted by the Iowa-Mom and Bay Area Mommy!

Thank you to our lovely co-hosts Simply Frugal Living and Learning to Limit!

Eddie Bauer Travel System
Travel in comfort and style with the Eddie Bauer Trailmaker Travel System. This stroller and infant car seat combination will help make all your journeys more enjoyable. The stroller features a handy parent tray with cup holder and a larger storage basket with easy, spring-down access for all the bigger gear you need to take along for the ride once out of the car. The 1-hand fold and stand with self-locking feature makes it easy to either stow in your vehicle or store at home. The included infant car seat transitions easily from stroller to car and then back again so that your little one will remain comfy on all legs of the trip!

Eddie Bauer Classic High Chair
Crafted to complement your home, the Eddie Bauer Classic High Chair features a dishwasher-safe insert tray that helps make cleanup simple. The high chair also has a convenient rear storage compartment that’s perfect for bibs, baby food jars, and utensils! You’ll love both the classic wood style and the convenience this high chair brings to your home.

Eddie Bauer Playard
Eddie Bauer offers parents a play yard that will take their little adventurer from nap to play and back again. Featuring a canopy with enchanting plush bears and a comforting Baby Module, nap time is sure to be peaceful, no matter what time of day. The Flip Away changer is there when you need it and easy to move out of the way when you don’t. Remove the bassinet to reveal a roomy play yard that makes it easy to keep your baby close by, but not underfoot.

Nintendo Gaming Giveaway

My kids love video games, they play them daily and love to have them on trips in our motorhome. My kids have Nintendo DS and they love them. I love the convenience of them. My kids would also love to have the Nintendo DSi XL. You can win one right now thanks to Iowa Mom.

Recently the Iowa Mom family went on a little vacation with our year older, yet still young children. Lengthy car rides up until this point were chaos and I was lucky to arrive with my hair still intact. This we wizened up and packed each of our children their own DSi and DSi XL to help make the ride a little smoother. While I typically do not promote game play for more than an hour a day, the continued play with numerous fun and educational games to choice from allowed my husband and I the need 3.5 hours of uninterrupted quiet time we need to get from point A to point B. Word to the wise from mom to another, never travel empty handed again!

The Nintendo DSi XL is a high-powered handheld video-game system with an extra large, wide viewing angle screen, and a full size, easy to hold stylus. It comes with features like touch-screen control for a unique gaming experience. Snap photos with the built-in camera, edit and send them to friends, play back your music with Nintendo DSi Sound, or browse the Internet with the Nintendo DSi Browser. From playing games to just playing around, the Nintendo DSi XL does it all.

Includes: Nintendo DSi XL System, 3 Pre-Installed Titles – Brain Age™ Express: Math, Brain Age™ Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock, two free applications: the Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio™, Nintendo DSi AC Adapter, Rechargeable Battery, Nintendo DSi XL Stylus (2), Easy Start Guide, Manuals (Basic & Controls) and Support Booklet.

Nintendo DSi XL Features:

  • 93% larger screens
  • Built in Internet browser.
  • Full size, easy-to-hold stylus
  • 3 pre-installed titles: Brain Age™ Express: Math, Brain Age™ Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock
  • Plus, all the functions of the original Nintendo DSi system

BUY IT: Purchase the Nintendo DS XL from a variety of retailers online and in stores including Amazon.com for $129.99.

One lucky winner will receive a Nintendo DSi XL + 3 Games!

Brought to you by Nintendo and Mom Powered Media.

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