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GoalForIt Chore Charts

I could not wait for my kids to get old enough to help with some chores around the house. At first they always seemed excited. From helping with dishes or vacuuming it seemed to come really easy…at first. Now it has been a challenge for me to get the older ones to help on a consistent basis. They will make any excuse to get out of doing it. A few years ago I started using a chore chart with them. It seemed to help at first but they eventually lost interest with it.

I was really excited to learn about some of the chore charts available from GoalForIt. They are way more fun then the ones I have used in the past. They can be used online or you can print them off. They offer many themes and are totally customizable. You can also allow kids to earn points while they learn responsibility and make fun goals for them. I loved all of the background designs available, and I really love that each one of my kids can have their very own Chore Chart.

My kids and I can’t wait to get started using them and I really look forward to the responsibility and healthy habits it will teach them. I think it is fabulous that they can be used online, this is going to be a huge time saver for me and added fun for the kids. You can check out all the features of their charts on their website.

Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks Giveaway 4 Winners

Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks Giveaway 4 Winners

With three kids in the house, we go through many snacks. One of my kids favorites are fruit snacks. They love them in their school lunches, as a afternoon snack or as a great take along snack in the car. Recently we got the chance to try Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks. And my kids love them. I have been packing them in their lunches and at the end of each day comes home an empty wrapper. We received two kinds from Ocean Spray, Assorted Fruits and Berries and Cherries. My kids loved them both but their favorite is Berries and Cherries. Even mom and dad have enjoyed these as a quick snack.

If you would like to try them for yourself you can click here to download a printable coupon for $1.10 off of the purchase of (2) Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored snacks today! Connect with them on Facebook and make to sure to enter the giveaway below!

“Disclosure: Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks, information, and giveaway have been provided by Ocean Spray® through MyBlogSpark.”

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Shout Color Catcher with Oxi Giveaway

Shout Color Catcher with Oxi Giveaway

I am always on the lookout for anything can make laundry easier in my home. With the mass amounts of dirty clothes my family produces I often feel swapped with the loads of laundry that I am responsible for. One product that I totally love is Shout Color Catcher. It takes time to have to separate loads from dark to lights. But with their color catchers I can just toss in a load and a color catcher and go. All without the worry of turning someones underwear pink:)

I have often found myself needed to to a few loads of laundry but not having the time to wait for multiple loads to finish. These have been a huge time saver for me. Not only that, but they eliminate the need to do half loads which saves time and money. The Shout Color Catchers also contain Oxi-Booster right in them to help fight stains. My laundry has never looked so good and I am rally enjoying less stress in the laundry room.

Would you like to try it for yourself? Currently Shout is offering downloadable coupons on their Facebook page for Shout Free and Color Catcher with Oxi.

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Shout and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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My whole family loves juice beverages. We drink a ton of it and will soon be drinking even more thanks to Tropicana. Their new Trop50 takes the guilt out of drinking juice beverages. With tons of great flavors, everyone can get their favorite. Trop50 is a juice beverage from Tropicana that offers 50% less sugar and calories and no artificial sweeteners. My family received a coupon to try out the new juice beverage. After checking out the flavors we finally decided on no pulp orange. We loved it. I think it tastes just as good as others but without all the calories and sugar.

You can more about the flavors on the website and be sure to like them on Facebook! And read below how you can score some coupons for you and your friends.

Trop50 True Resolutions celebrates the real reasons behind New Year’s resolutions. Share your secret motivation and you’ll earn a coupon for $1 off Trop50 for yourself and 50¢ off coupons for up to 50 of your friends. You can even submit incognito with a fierce disguise. Bonus: Whether you submit a resolution or not, you can also enter a sweepstakes to win a $1000 gift card.


Spring will be here soon. I am really looking forward to working on my outdoor space. I want to make it my own with plants, outdoor furniture, decor and great colors. I am very lucky to have such a great outdoor space and cant wait to get it ready for spring and summer.

I would love to add some rattan effect garden furniture to my space to make it more comfortable when entertaining. I love that it is maintenance free, resistant to extremes of UV, heat, cold, chlorine and salt water. I love the selection of contemporary garden furniture sets available from Bridgman.The style and function of some of their outdoor pieces would be great in my patio space. I am really loving the set pictured below. I can already see myself entertaining and enjoying this set. It really makes you feel like you are bringing the indoors outside. All with the enjoyability of indoor furniture. If you are looking to add some great pieces to your outdoor or garden area do check out Bridgman. They have a fantastic selection for any outdoor space!

$10 Cash Paypal Giveaway

It has been a while coming but Kelly and I finally got our newest venture going. What is it? It is Modern Beautiful. We create DIY Party kits that are not only practical but also provide the basis to help you create the decor for special events that will wow your guests. All of our designs are original and fun. We have everything from DIY Personalized Party Packages to banners, party favors, cupcake toppers, invites and more. And since we are so new I thought we would have a little giveaway for our STM readers to have the chance to check us out! You can enter below!

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Shout Free Giveaway 2 Winners

I consider myself to be somewhat of a laundry guru. Not really by choice, but by the massive loads of laundry that I have been responsible for over the years. Laundry in my home is something that has to be tended to everyday for my own sanity. Stains are the worst with my kids. They seem to get everything on their clothes and it can be really expensive to replace stained clothes. I could never do a load  of laundry without my stain remover on hand.

One of my favorite go to stain removers has always been Shout. I was excited to learn about the new Shout Free Stain Remover. Shout Free stain remover contains zero dyes, zero fragrance and 99% natural ingredients. This is great for babies or families with sensitive skin. I had a chance to try it and love it! It has the same great stain removing power as the original but with natural ingredients. It makes doing laundry much easier and fights all the stains that come my way.

Would you like to try it for yourself? Currently Shout is offering downloadable coupons on their Facebook page for Shout Free and Color Catcher with Oxi. And enter to win a bottle of your own below!
“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Shout and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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Keurig Elite B40 Brewer and Kcups image

Coffee Cow Keurig B-40 Elite Brewer Giveaway

coffeecow.com logo CoffeeCow.com is an internet coffee supplier for home and office.  According to their website:

Coffeecow.com was developed by a small group of coffee professionals who have over 37-years of experience in fulfilling any coffee service need. Last year CoffeeCow.com customers enjoyed over 26-million cups of our great coffees and teas, so whether it is from the comfort of your home or your corporate office, Coffeecow.com has it all. At Coffeecow.com, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products, the fastest service, and the deepest discount prices you will find anywhere.

They carry many different brewers, coffees, teas, hot chocolates, cups, flavorings and creamers and more.  We got the opportunity to try the Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, along with a variety pack of K cups, and a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters variety box.

The Keurig Elite B40 Brewer brews coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in under a minute.  You have your choice brewing two different cup sizes (7.25 ounce and 9.25 ounce).   It has a removable water reservoir and a removable drip tray.

Keurig Elite B40 Brewer and Kcups image There are several things that impress me about the Keurig B40.  I am impressed by the variety and flavors of coffees and teas that are offered (according to Keurig, it’s over 200 different varieties)  I also love the K-Cup variety packs that let you sample the different kinds to find your favorite without having to commit to buying a whole box.  I also love the fact that they sell the “My K-Cup” re-usable filter basket so you can use your own blend of coffee if you like.   It’s also neat that you can run it without a k-cup in place to get hot water to use for tea or for cup a soups.   In addition to all that, it also brews a really good cup of coffee!  When I was brewing the first cup, my son said that it smelled really good, just like our local coffee shop.  My husband who is an avid coffee drinker says that it makes a really good cup of coffee.

I was disappointed by the fact that they don’t offer latte or other specialty drink K-cups.  However, when I looked into that, I discovered that they have designed the Keurig machines to do one thing- make a single serve coffee – and do it incredibly well.  They do that.  And I discovered that with a milk frother, you can use the Keurig to brew an extra bold espresso blend.  Then froth some milk to make a latte.

Overall, the Keurig is great for us.  It is perfect for making a single cup.  My husband likes dark roast and I like light and flavored coffees (my favorite so far is Van Houtte French Vanilla) so with the Keurig, we can each have exactly what we like.

To see the variety of Keurig brewers and K-cups available, you can visit the coffeecow.com website or connect with them on facebook.

jcpenney Secret Santa Tag Blog Tour Part 2

Last week I told you that I was participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange from Mom Central and jcpenny. I was so excited to see what my secret santa would pick out for me. I had requested anything for my home or for myself. I had no idea what to expect. I was so happy to see a Sephora box sitting on my door step. In the box was the Sephora Makeup Studio! Woohoo, this thing is loaded with 197 products all in one compact case. I could not be more happy with my gift. I have used it everyday since then and is by far my favorite of any of my makeup products.

Along with my gift came a QR Santa Tag with a personal message from my secret santa. She left me such a kind message wishing my family and I a Happy Holidays My secret santa was Barb from Blogfully. I want to thank her for taking the time to pick out a gift that I love so much. I hope her and her family also have a Happy Holidays. You can learn more about how the QR Santa Tag works on their website.

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of jcpenney and received a jcpenney Secret Santa gift and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Monday Giveaway Link Up 12-19

Link up as many as you like. Find and list great giveaways. Check back every Monday for a fresh linky.We’d love it if you could help get the word out about our linky by tweeting{Tweet Button, right side bottom of post:}. Post Giveaway item and end date. Anything other than giveaways will be deleted! Have a wonderful week everyone!

jcpenney Secret Santa Tag Blog Tour

Shopping for gifts has got to be one of the best parts of the Holiday Season. I love finding just the right gift for everyone on my list. This year I had the chance to do something I never have before. I get to be a Secret Santa! I was so excited to find out who I would be getting a gift for. The next thing I had to do was pick out a great gift for her. I turned to jcpenney to find the gift for my recipient. I love jcpenny and was excited to see what great gift selections they would have. After finding the gift I was able to use their unique QR Santa Tag to personalize her gift.  It sounds a little high tech but it was really easy to do and so much fun. I thought jcpenny had a great selection and I had no problem finding a gift. You can find out more about how the QR Santa Tag works by watching the video found here.

Be sure to check out my second post next week where I will reveal who had me for Secret Santa and who I had for Secret Santa. And I will let you know what gifts I received.

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of jcpenney and received a jcpenney Secret Santa gift and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

iPod Shuffle, Pocket Camcorder , iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

iPod Shuffle, Pocket Camcorder , iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

With more than 46 million holiday parties planned this season, discomfort related to overindulgence of food and drink can become the unwanted gift that just keeps on giving. This year Pepto-Bismol is teaming up with a holiday Elf to encourage people to enjoy their favorite holiday treats knowing that Pepto has them covered.

In addition to national TV commercials, the Elf will be featured in a series of funny web videos being released throughout the holiday season. The first of the web videos, can be seen here: http://bit.ly/ytpb. As you will see, the straight talking Elf is not shy about sharing his wisdom on all your favorite holiday indulgences! Also be sure to check them on on Twitter and Facebook!

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Family Dollar Blog Tour

I love shopping where I can find everything I need at a great price all in one store. My local Family Dollar is just that kind of store. I find myself in there often, more then I should really! Everything just seems less expensive there. One thing that I always get a good deal on is things like home decor, bathroom accessories and beauty products. I literally could shop in there all day and come back the next week for more.

Thanks to Mom Central I was able to go check out what kind of deals I could find for the Holidays. I set out with my Gift Card in hopes of buying my tween something cool for Christmas. I already knew the prices would be great. But a tween girl is hard to shop for. I didnt have any trouble in finding her something she would like. They have an entire section of $5 Beauty Products. Yay, girls love that sort of thing. I was able to pick her 2 box sets of perfume, slippers, and a few tops for only $5 each. I was happy to see that I still had money left over. I loved shopping there for the Holidays. They even have wrapping paper and cards to complete the great deal on the gifts you can get.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Family Dollar and received a gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Oral-B Stages & Crest and Oral B Pro-Health FOR ME Party

Oral-B Stages & Crest and Oral B Pro-Health FOR ME Party

I have been very lucky with all three of my kids in their willingness to have great oral hygiene. From a very young age we have taught them the importance of brushing, flossing and dentist visits. That is why I am so excited to have been chosen to host a MommyParties sponsored by Oral-B Stages III/Oral-B Crest Pro-Health FOR ME party.

We were sent everything needed to have a great time while teaching the kids about caring for their teeth. Each kid got their own gift bag complete with Oral-B Stages III/Oral-B Crest Pro-Health FOR ME toothbrushes, toothpaste, flosspicks, mouthwash and product coupons. We made a really fun day out it. The kit also came with the Cars 2 movie and popcorn. After watching and enjoying the movie we got the kids involved with a fun game, Yucky Mouth vs Healthy Mouth. The kids had to place picture cards of items on a poster. It was fun to see what some of the kids thought was healthy and unhealthy.

All of the kids had a great time, loved the games and snacks and were excited to start using their new products. You can follow Oral B and Crest on Twitter. Thanks to Mommy Parties for the opportunity.

I received information and a party kit for MommyParties sponsored by Oral-B Stages III/Oral-B Crest Pro-Health FOR ME.

P&G Game of Your Life Movie Dec 2 on NBC at 8pm ET-7pm CT

Game of Your Life is brought to you by Walmart and P&G as a part of their Family Movie Night. My family was able to watch the movie before it airs and we loved it. It was a bit mature for my really young ones, but my 11 year old who worships video games loved this movie. It’s about a kid who gets an amazing chance to go on scholarship, to the prestigious Digital Institute of Game Design.  And it seems that his future will be great, but when he learns of his fathers financial troubles back at home.  He has to make a tough decision. Faced with letting his friends down or helping to get money for his family. He learns the real meaning of friends and home. We really loved this movie, in fact not sure who loved it more, the kids or my husband. I hope all of you get a chance to tune in Dec 2 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT.  And check out the Official Family Movie Night website: http://www.familymovienight.com/ and Family Movie Night Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/familymovienight .

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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